The Internet is a medium for a universal need, communication. A web site is a virtual location where the exchange of ideas, services, goods, or information can take place.

The design of a web site affects how people view and respond to what you want to say, sell, or show.

Alleywayz can help you say, sell, or provide access to fun personal stuff and do it well.

When you want people to listen to what you are saying, you need to say it effectively, visually, and creatively, depending on what it is you're trying to communicate. The web sites shown here are for various clients seeking to command someone's attention, persuade someone to purchase something, or simply to share information, or provide a service. Some are simple, others complex. However, every site accomplished what the person or business wanted.

Visit the sites. Wander around. See if there's something that interests you. Maybe you have your own unique vision for how you want your web site to look, influence, to affect a visitor. Alleywayz can help you accomplish that goal and if we can't, we will find someone that can.

The options available to clients are wide open. Alleywayz will not pretend to do something we can't. There are so many great resources, designers, services, talent, and products available on the Internet. It would be absurd to attempt to met any and every need.

What do we promise our clients is the best web site possible depending on their budget, need, and goal. There are some sites listed here as samples of what is possible on the Net. The question is: "What works for you?"

We also offer interactive multimedia services. Projects are designed in Adobe's Flash implemented on your site or published to CD. See the Photograhy section for Orlow Kent Nygren's project in Flash for a sample.

Please contact Orlow Kent Nygren for more information