Orlow Kent Nygren's portfolio is an interactive project and a playful cacophony of images.

Nygren has worked as a Photojournalist for over 35 years; first as a staff photographer for the Daily Hampshire Gazette/Amherst Bulletin and the Recorder, and, then, as a freelance photojournalist. His work has been published in the New York Times, Philadelphia Daily News, Associated Press, Boston Globe, and the Advocate, and numerous other publications. Nygren does work in the areas of fashion, adverting, portraits, nudes, documentary work, weddings, and special projects for clients. His work has appeared in publications, on music CD's, and Art exhibits.

In 1989, he was awarded a Massachusetts State Lottery Grant from the town of Amherst which was co-sponsored by Kodak and Leica. The work resulted in the exhibition titled "Amherst Area: Symbols of Life". In 1990, he was award a a second Massachusetts State Lottery Grant. The exhibition "Alter Image" was an exploration in using manipulated Polaroid images as a medium for documentary work.

In 1991, Nygren's exhibited "Venus Descending" which explored the life and work of radical feminist, naturalist, erotic poet, and sculptor Patrikyia-Sophia Dewicce. The work represented a turn in his documentary work and explored a level of life often hidden from public view.

In 1994, Nygren began graduate work and a Teaching Assistantship with John Robaton in the Photojournalidm Dept.at Boston University's College of Communications'. "It was part of this graduate program that I learned about interactive multimedia," said Nygren. "I worked under the direction of Prof. William Lord ", he was amazingly helpful in learning to tell a great story using multiple mediums", said Nygren.

The process produced a major change in the direction of his work. "It was a revolution/revelation in my thinking about visional communication", says Nygren. "I discovered a new arena, medium, and method for creating photojournalist work and art. It challenged my perception of how photography, video, sound, and text could be used and presented as a whole to produce a total effect of an idea or project."

Nygren is currently working at the Springfield Police Department, "Believe it or not, we're creating some amazing tools with technology and interactive media, particularly the virtual tour project of the areas schools for tactical uses," says Nygren. (Virtual Tour viewing upon request from law enforcement agencies.)

Reviews of Orlow Kent Nygren's one-man exhibits and his work and his resume are Acrobat documents.

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